Looking for a Bible to read online?

If you don't own a Bible or are looking for one to read online, you can read passages here: King James Bible Online

Yearly Bible Reading Schedule

This schedule will take you through the New Testament and Psalms twice this year, Proverbs once a month, and the rest of the Old Testament once this year.

If you choose to download the Bible Reading Schedule by clicking the link above, you will need to do a few things once the file is open.

To Download to Your Computer:
  1. Click on "File".
  2. Click on "Download as" and pick your spreadsheet format (Excel or OpenDocument).
  3. Your file should download automatically, and you should be able to open it in your desired location and edit and save it as needed.

To Download to Your Own Google Drive:
  1. Click on "File".
  2. Click on "Make a Copy."
  3. Change the name (if desired), and select the folder to save in (if applicable), and then click "ok". 
  4. Your file should open in the desired location on your Google Drive.

If you have any trouble downloading the file, please leave a comment or email us, and we'll do what we can to help you!

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